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It’s a People Thing at BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions

At BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, 100% of employees say their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) truly reflects their culture.

You read that right. 100%. All in. No doubts.

It’s an amazing achievement. And, together with our fantastic clients, this is how we made it happen.

A culture-first approach

In 2019, our clients set out to create an incredible employee experience that would help create an amazing culture. They had some big, clear goals; attract and retain the best talent, reduce turnover, further engage their people and clearly demonstrate their purpose. That’s where we came in.

What is it really like to work around here?

It’s a simple question, but it’s not always easy to articulate. We wanted to explore the ‘deal’, that’s the experience an employee gets in return for their skills, values, behaviours and contribution. We spoke to a third of BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions’ 500 employees face to face, over 16 interactive workshops and 12 one-to-ones.

The findings were rich and incredibly detailed

Employees talked openly about what their job meant to them. They shared what happens on good days and bad days and told us how they felt about the important employment moments on their journey. They also helped us look to the future, by describing what they wanted their employee experience to look and feel like.

Their honesty meant we understood the good and bad of their culture at a very deep level. One thing came up again and again – while no two colleagues had the same experience, one thing united everyone: their relationships. It was relationships people valued most, whether with their internal teams or their customers. At BNP Paribas, the strength of their relationships set them apart.

It’s a People Thing

Our thinking crystallised around this single message: BNP Paribas are people people. We kept coming back to this point again and again. It was irresistible. We then tested the concept thoroughly with employees. 88% of them loved it at first concept stage, almost unheard of. We knew we were onto a good thing. A people thing. And so, It’s a People Thing was born.

Launching their way

Employees launched It’s a People Thing their way, with a short film featuring them reading out the promise in their own words. This became a focal point at launch events, where we celebrated how the everyday relationships make a difference. Managers also held discussions to help employees connect to the promise and five supporting pillars. To keep the conversation going peer to peer, we set up a network of People Heroes.

Taking it to another level

This is more than a campaign, it’s a long-term culture-change programme. Our client is working hard to embed it into every single touchpoint, so it becomes a living, breathing part of every aspect of their employees’ lives.

People now experience the EVP pillars in everything from peer recognition cards to hackathons. The internal tone of voice has been completely refreshed to reflect the straight-talking, honest and friendly ways employees talk to each other.

The hiring process reflects It’s a People Thing with recruitment workshops and guides, and employees are celebrated every year at the annual People Takeover conference. Hosted, of course, by their brilliant people.

We’ve seen a real impact in the first 6 months

It doesn’t stop there

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