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Mixing it up at Hershey

When the lovely team at Hershey approached us to help them breathe life and personality into their expanding set of internal communications channels, we leapt at the chance! Rumours we were being paid in chocolate were sadly unfounded.

Quality ingredients

Just like chocolate, Hershey recognises that people consume information in different ways. Variety is vital. They wanted to help colleagues find the right channels for them, and make the content across their channels more consistent – the same news just sliced differently depending on the format. They also wanted to mix up business messages with employee-generated content via comments, blogs and articles. The idea was to encourage employees to share their views on business stories, to give insight into their working worlds and contribute their voices to the Hershey story.

Encouraging employees to share their views on business stories

We planned and delivered a campaign designed to rebrand existing channels, launch new ones and foster a culture of inclusive two-way communication.

Midweek Brief Opinionated
Compact Fun On-the-go
Daily Essential Timely
Local Sociable Neighbourly
In-depth Global Considered
Open Insightful Quarterly
Savvy Smart On-Hand
On-Point Conversational Motivational

Starting great conversations

We loved unleashing our Homie style on Hershey’s expanding communications network.

The creative treatment was warm and friendly, with bags of character and humour. Hershey’s iconic plume was rightly front and centre. Each channel was given a name that reflected the type of content and style of communication the employee would encounter. The Daily Crunch provides fresh news every morning, Homemade is the local, sociable, talk of the town.

I really like the new way the news is being presented.

Strong flavours continued

Our campaign celebrated the diverse ways of communicating – from quick bites to in-depth articles.

There were plenty of fun teasers to shift away from the ordinary.

Our full-channel launch included emails, posters, banners and videos to show Hershey’s people how to find, use and contribute information. As the news spread it was fantastic to hear stories from behind the scenes through our network of employee reporters, aka Hershey’s ‘citizen journalists’.

Beautiful layout, fantastic content, way to go!

Sweet rewards

The campaign really took hold. We saw an increase in open and read rates, and high engagement with the channels. The community of employee reporters continues to grow. 85% of Hershey’s people have said that The Plume has made it easier to find relevant news and information (feedback has been so good it’s made us blush).

And there’s more to come, including a new podcast launching later this year. The story continues…

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