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Not many people know about West, but they touch millions of lives.

They manufacture the little vials and stoppers that contain lifesaving medicines and vaccines, partnering with the world’s top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies – working by their side to improve patient health.

Today they are 10,000 team members delivering over 45 billion components and medical devices each year. That’s 100 million products every day.

On April 14 2023, they reached their 100-year anniversary. They asked Home to partner with them on planning a year of celebration.

Values led and
purpose driven

We started our partnership by meeting and interviewing 100+ team members, customers, suppliers and partners, to hear their West stories.

One thing consistently shone through. West team members are united by their purpose. Everything they manufacture has a patient’s name on it. That patient could be someone from their family, their friends or their community. In fact, it often is. The values they share are 100% real.

Their passion for customers, drives their unwavering commitment to exceptional quality. Ensuring their products reach their patients exactly how they need them, when they need them.

One West Team are there for each other, no matter what.
We heard so much to be proud of and celebrate.

More than
a name

We used the insight we heard, to inspire a rally cry and creative approach to be used across West’s 100th year. We wanted to recognise the people who have made West what it is today.

We organised a global photo shoot, so we could hero West team members across everything we did.

Building pride
and advocacy

We recruited a global team of volunteers, Team 100, to help ensure our reach touched as many team members as possible. We created a buzz of excitement by developing a global approach with local flex.

Team 100 were key to activating the local celebrations. Our BIG idea was for each site around the world to organise and enjoy a local West Fest. We provided lots of inspiration about what to do and how to do it. Encouraging each local team to own their celebrations in a way that worked for them.

Team 100 captured what happened locally so the local celebrations could be shared globally.

Evolving culture

We used storytelling to showcase West at its very best. In the run up to their 100th anniversary we published a new story every day, for 100 days.

The stories were told from lots of different perspectives; present and past team members, CEOs and Senior Leaders, the West family, patients, customers and suppliers.

They demonstrated West’s values in action beautifully.

Future focused

The senior team used a new corporate narrative across the year to connect hearts and minds to what being part of West means today, to build pride in what they’ve achieved and to feel positively about their future plans.

A new narrative focused on how West’s core values had been ever present since the beginning. It explained how the future of medicine is changing and what that meant for West’s vision, mission and strategic ambitions.

As they round out their 100th year they’re reflecting on a year that has been full of shared experiences and pride.

It’s also been a chance to see the possibilities that will project West forward for the next 100 years, as One West team.

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