Corporate Social Responsibility


What is corporate social responsibility?

Whether it’s an employee volunteering programme, sustainable development, managing your environmental impact or the ethics your business is based upon, you’re probably already doing great work in corporate social responsibility (CSR). But are you using your CSR strategy to inspire your people and your customers?

CSR shows how your organisation respects your people, your customers, your communities and the world around you. It’s a sustainable, holistic approach to doing business, linked closely to your values and behaviours. It’s a big-picture approach to doing the right thing and it generates tonnes of good news stories you should be proud to share.


Why is CSR important?

Being socially responsible is becoming more and more important both to customers and employees. CSR sets your business apart, whether people are making buying decisions or deciding to apply for a job. It helps with retention too. At Home, when we work with companies that deliver on their CSR commitments we see organisations full of engaged employees. We see shared values and proud advocates who talk to everyone they meet about the company they work for.

Making your CSR strategy part of your employer brand is a great way to spread the word, so involve your people as much as possible and share your success widely.


How to communicate your CSR

We encourage our clients to integrate their CSR messaging into their internal communications in exactly the same way they would any other important message. Show you employees their organisation cares about the community and the world around them, not just about the bottom line.

Want to know more?

At Home we change employee’s lives. We put people at the heart of everything we do, creating movements that captivate, energise and inspire. We love getting excited about CSR and helping our lovely clients share all their amazing achievements. So let’s go for a picnic somewhere beautiful, to appreciate the world around us and figure out how to help you make the most of the good things you do. Let’s talk.

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