Cultural change that sticks

What is a company culture, and how do I change it?

The dictionary describes corporate culture as:

“The ethos of a particular company, or that of large businesses in general; the approach a company takes towards the working environment of its staff.”

But what really defines company culture? Essentially, it’s your people’s shared actions, behaviours and beliefs. It’s often unspoken – it’s ‘how we do things round here’.

Most of the time we don’t have to think about our culture. But, in a world that’s constantly changing, businesses need to adapt. They need to be agile, break down silos, connect globally and simplify ways of working. Plainly speaking, they need more bang for their buck.

At Home, we believe in changing organisations from the inside out. Everything starts with your people.

We help organisations think about their culture – understand what it is now and what it needs to be. Then we design programmes that spark the catalyst for change and go on to inspire enduring long-term culture change.


How to change your culture – and make it stick

Your culture is made up of your values and behaviours, ways of working, purpose, vision, beliefs and habits. At the heart of all of this is your people – the ones who live your culture every day. To implement a successful culture change programme, you need to take your people on the right journey.

A fantastic change programme can’t be implemented over night. In fact, it can take some time to use the power of internal communication and employee experience to influence your employees’ attitudes, feelings and behaviours. Your change model must be underpinned by a cultural change strategy that considers important factors like leadership, middle management, diversity and barriers to change.

Want to know more?

At Home we change employees' lives. We put people at the heart of everything we do, creating cultural change movements that captivate, energise and inspire. In fact, we eat culture for breakfast. So if you’d like to talk about reviewing, shifting or managing a culture change programme in your organisation, let’s get together for a bacon butty and a cup of tea sometime soon. We’d love to help.

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