Developing an effective employee value proposition


What is an Employee Value Proposition?

An employee value proposition (EVP) is a way of articulating what life is like within your organisation. It’s ‘the deal’ between employer and employee: it describes what your people get out for what they put in. It’s a way of defining the benefits and capturing the all-important spirit of your business.


What makes a great employee value proposition?

Every business is different. A great EVP at one organisation may jar at another, so your EVP must be unique to you. That said, there are a few elements to focus on to develop a successful EVP:

  • it should be genuine and authentic, truly reflecting life at your organisation
  • it should reflect the qualities that attract, engage and retain the talent you want
  • it should reflect the organisation’s broader strategic goals
  • most importantly, it should tell your people’s stories and be uniquely you.


How to develop an effective employee value proposition

Guess what? You already have an EVP. Whether you’ve spent time defining it or not, your EVP exists – it’s the unspoken rules of your culture and the unwritten dos and don’ts of your business. It’s ‘how we do things round here.’

That doesn’t mean your job is done though! Now you have to define the EVP, make sure it’s serving your business well, (tweak it if not), then communicate it to your people and prospective employees.

Here at Home, we have a proven formula to make the EVP magic happen. Here’s how to start.



Defining your EVP starts from the inside with employee research. Invest in both qualitative and quantitative research – it’s important to go beyond your employee engagement survey results to dig deep into your culture.  With the help of your people, uncover the organisation’s personality and describe its unique qualities, benefits and traits. To do this properly, you need a good cross section of people across every location – we usually aim for around 10% in total.

The research will throw out some clear themes. Some will be great. But some could be better, and that’s OK. This isn’t about painting a perfect picture. A good rule of thumb is to think of your EVP as 80% grounded in reality/20% aspirational. Recognisably your company, but on your best day.

This may also be a good time for an internal comms audit. When it comes to roll-out, you’ll get better engagement if you’re using the right channels and tactics.



This is the fun bit! Use the research to develop a written and visual articulation of what it means to work at your organisation. Think about some headline messages, an employee promise, a rally cry, a name for the concept, a tagline. Pick colours, font, a photography style and decide how to combine it all. For many clients, this often forms what becomes an internal brand. We usually develop two very different concepts here, which helps nail what’s working when we go into testing.



Test, test, test – your people know best! As the creative develops, test it with surveys, drop-in sessions and workshops that reach a good cross-section of the population. This is great for engagement as well as helping you check the direction. When it feels right to them, it’s time to launch.



Develop a comms plan to launch your new EVP. Think about how you’ll use your full suite of channels and your environment to land the message. Lots of our clients prefer not to have a ‘big bang’ launch – however you want to roll out is fine. What matters is that your approach works for your business.


How to measure an EVP

When you build your comms plan, create a measurement dashboard to track the impact. Think about the areas where you want to move the dial, whether that’s retention, engagement or recruitment. Imagine what success will look like, set some KPIs and track them over 6/12 months. You’ll be amazed how much difference you can make in such a short period.


How to communicate an EVP

Every organisation is unique, but your communication plan should focus on three main areas.


Internal brand

Your tone of voice and the topics you talk about should be driven by what matters to your people, so the EVP will create a great framework for your internal brand. Communicate your look and feel through all internal channels, from social networks, to the intranet, to the walls. Make your people feel part of something great.


Employer brand

Attraction and recruitment is usually a big EVP focus, because a great employer brand works wonders when it comes to that all-important talent war. Don’t stop at your website though – make sure every aspect of the process, from ads to job descriptions, tell the same story.


Social presence

Your EVP is likely to surface on LinkedIn, whether that’s through your organisation’s presence or through colleagues sharing stories. We’ve seen EVPs go viral across Instagram and Twitter because employees connected with them, so think about how you can get your people shouting about your EVP.


Why come Home?

We put your employees at the centre of your business strategy, helping you give them what they need to be the best, to champion your brand, and to perform. We create strategies for leaders to engage their people, developing insight and working with our wonderful clients to create ground-breaking EVPs that build trust and invigorate recruitment.


Want to know more?

If you’d like to talk to us about defining, improving or launching an EVP, get in touch - tell us where your favourite cocktail bar is and we’ll be there faster than you can say employee value proposition.

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