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Video is becoming ever present in our lives. Whether at home, work, or somewhere in between, video is increasingly how we’re consuming content. In fact, Google now prioritises video to reflect consumers’ search habits. And Google-owned YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. It’s bigger than Bing, Yahoo!, Ask and AOL combined.

Video killed the radio star

Video should no longer be just one piece of your overall comms plan. It should be central to your strategy – especially when it comes to social media.

As Head of Film at Home I think the beauty of film is its versatility. OK, so I’m biased, but film can achieve so much when it comes to your communications. It can showcase a shiny new product, convey a complex message, launch a new brand, or drive a culture by inspiring your employees in an authentic and emotive way. Film can be simple and quick to produce, or it can be grand and cinematic, it all depends on your objectives and of course your budget.

At Home we’re always looking for fresh ways we can support our existing clients with film – and of course how we can help new ones. So, with that in mind, I thought I’d celebrate some of the work we’ve done with an update to our showreel.

Three years in the making, I’d lost track of just how much film work we’ve done (we’ve been quite busy). In fact, we’ve done so much that I’ve compiled not one showreel but two: one for film and the other for our animation work.

Animate this

Our animation reel captures a wealth of action and insight – from CEOs jumping out of helicopters, a brand identity for a new client, a vision of the future for a global bank, and a look ahead at an employee’s future journey – our animation takes on many forms.

Ready for your close up?

Our film reel features a cinematic look into the future of one of our healthcare clients, an emotional connection to Bristol’s largest music charity, as well as two values and purpose films for a global tech giant.

Best supporting role goes to…

So, as you can see, we love film and can do it on any scale. From large productions with big crews and actors, to small but perfectly formed interviews with a crew of two.

We’re flexible, maintain a high level of quality and react fast to clients’ needs. We’re proactive too, suggesting where we can add value in a fast-paced and changing landscape. You could say we play a key supporting role to realising our clients’ video objectives.

Our feature presentation

So, sit back for a couple of minutes, grab a cup of tea (or whisky if you’re not planning to drive) and enter our film and animation worlds. We hope you’ll feel right at home.

Film showreel

Animation showreel

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Just pop by the studio, send an email, connect socially or give us a call. We’re always on hand to help solve your organisation’s challenges through creative communications and employee experiences that bring joy, clarity and a sense of purpose to your people.

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