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Engagement at its best

Your HR strategy touches every aspect of your employees’ working lives. So you’re going to need a robust internal communications strategy to support its work. Getting the HR offering just right – and the way you communicate it – pays dividends. It builds an engaged workforce of enthusiastic people who embody your values, live your behaviours and help create an amazing culture.

Your internal communications strategy for HR needs to support every step of the employee journey from hire to retire: recruitment, on-boarding, reward and recognition, performance management and everything in-between. And in a seemingly endless stream of priorities, this is absolutely something you can’t let slip. HR touches every single employee; HR comms can engage every single employee.


Total Performance / Performance Management

We like to think of performance management as great relationships and great conversations. It’s a continuous process, relying on an open, honest culture especially between line managers and their people. It’s hard to get it right – but we’ve found companies who have effective communication in the workplace around values and behaviours tend to do well at creating the right culture for positive performance management.

Improving employee communication around performance management creates a number of benefits. We provide tools to open up communication and make sure performance management is an essential part of your Employee Value Proposition.


Reward and recognition

Effective, creative communication about reward and recognition is simple yet powerful and it’s a great and immediate way to reinforce your values and behaviours. We can show you how to create campaigns which will get everyone buzzing about performance.



Your brand promise is intrinsically linked to how you attract talent. So make sure your brand narrative runs through every employee touchpoint from that very first contact from a new recruit. Being explicit about who you are and what you stand for means you’ll attract the talent that fits with your organisation. Talent you’re more likely to retain.

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At Home we change employee’s lives. We put people at the heart of everything we do, creating movements that captivate, energise and inspire. HR strategy is one of our favourite topics to discuss over a nice glass of something cold, so if you’d like to join us (at your local or ours) then get in touch.

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