…we moved into our new building in Unicorn Park.

I know Unicorns are magical but even I, the eternal optimist, couldn’t quite believe the difference a building can have on what we do and how we do it.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t as if things weren’t going well before we left our old building (which made it even harder to leave). On the contrary – business was growing, work was good and we were happy with our humble abode. But the cracks were beginning to show and space was becoming a rare commodity.

Since the move, something’s changed. I’m not sure what… but it has and for the better! There is a tangible feel good factor amongst us. The building has brought us closer together even though geographically we’re further apart. It’s now easier for us to work collaboratively and expressively, which can only be a good thing. It’s certainly been a factor in us winning more awards last year, than ever before. We’ve done some incredible things with some incredible clients all over the world – an EVP in New York, a culture change programme in Madrid, a new strategy in The Hague, social campaigns in Pennsylvania and change management in sunny Brentford!


Home one year on


Having a bigger space has also allowed us to add a few new faces to Home, creating new energy and excitement. We celebrated a huge work milestone with live bandeoke and a giant paddling pool, all under one roof. It was epic!

The building has also allowed us to give something back to the local design community. We regularly host WEDF meetings and have started running design events in collaboration with WEDF and D&AD which have proved to be a great success. We are looking forward to hosting more this summer. Clients love coming to visit us. They regularly join us for brainstorms and working sessions, enticed by our famous Home cooking which has been taken to another level in our spacious new kitchen.

So, all in all it’s been a magical year in our new building. I for one believe in Unicorns and look forward to many more exciting years in our new home.