It’s crazy to think that not having enough space affected our business as much as it did, but it was killing us. We weren’t able to have the meetings we needed, when we needed them. Interruptions like ‘How much longer will you be?’ or ‘We need to do a conference call in five minutes…’ stopped an idea in its tracks just as it was getting started. I knew something needed to change.

So the search began to find our new home and that search lasted for a couple of years. We followed many different paths, entertained many different spaces and kept our options open. But when you know, you just know. We eventually found an empty warehouse in BS4 that was just perfect. Ok, we needed a lot of vision to see it and we needed to give it a whole lot of love to make it suitable for us, but it ticked every box and it just felt right.



We’ve been in our new Home for a couple of months now and the difference has been incredible. Until the move I hadn’t appreciated how much a building could hold us back, but now we’ve got this great creative space. It is completely flexible and full of interaction and collaboration – plus loads of spaces to be quiet in.

I can already feel the change in people’s energy. Weirdly, having more space has somehow brought us even closer together. It’s connected us and united us as a team, not just on a work level, but a social one too. Our new Home suits the way we want to work with each other and our clients. It will allow us all to grow and ultimately take our business to the next level.


Is this room booked?


I’m delighted to say the phrase “is this room booked?” is a thing of the past here at Home, and I wish anyone who is about to embark on a similar journey good luck – the months of planning, weeks of packing and days of moving have all been worth while.

Come and stop by at our new Home some time and see our new space for yourselves. We love showing it off. Our new kitchen table is definitely big enough for a few extra chairs any Wednesday lunchtime.