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What does the future of employee experience look like?

Over the past 18 months the world has changed beyond recognition, including our experience at work. And we don’t just mean swapping boardrooms for bedrooms. Organisational cultures have fundamentally shifted, as has how we collaborate and connect. Last year’s report showed that increased flexibility hadn’t negatively impacted on businesses, but mental health and wellbeing had suffered. There’s much more work to be done…

This is Roundel 2022, our annual research into employee experience trends and practices. We’re excited to be partnering with Inspiring Workplaces who share our commitment to shaping the employee experience of the future. We want to reach out to you, our joint community, to understand your thoughts, strategies and ambitions as you continue to encourage positive change in the workplace.

We’ve learnt to expect the unexpected, to pivot and shift our strategies. And from where we’re standing, employee experience has never been more exciting. We’re so happy you’re part of it.


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The survey takes around 10 minutes. To thank you for taking part, we’ll give you access to the full report. It’s all yours. The Roundel will be jam packed with data, thought analysis, key trends and recommendations. We want you to be able to build the right business case and strategies to design and deliver unique employee experiences. Experiences that will transform your organisation in 2023 and beyond.


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