How can we best support our people through COVID-19? It’s the question on every leaders’ lips.

Now working remotely, employees at one of the world’s leading financial institutions were looking for new ways to make working from home, work for them. They needed a place where they could find every remote working resource right at their fingertips.

Inspired by the Home COVID-19 communicator’s toolkit, their internal communications team reached out to us for help with creating their own guide.

The ultimate guide to working from home

Containing top tips, tools and colleague advice; we created a personalised toolkit that gave their people everything they needed to stay connected, boost their wellbeing, set up their technology and create the best home working environment.

COVID-19 communicator's toolkit

We wanted to make sure that at a touch of a button employees could find inspiration, get hold of useful policies, find practical tools and even arrange to speak to their local HR Business Partner. No matter what support they needed, they could find it here.

In just a few days, their ultimate guide to working from home was up and running and being used by employees all over the world.

A helping hand

“A catchy and appealing, but also human centric guide” said our client. We were delighted. As we all adapt to this new normal, a helping hand means so much more. This toolkit was just one of the ways our client was there for their people when it mattered most, and we’re so proud to have been a part of that.