Although the usual method of video production is finding its way back to some kind workable solution, the majority of you will still need to think about other ways to get messaging out. So, here are a few helpful pointers on how you can achieve the best possible quality videos whilst in lockdown. Actually, this is a pretty good basis for all user-generated content (UCG) anyway. All of the ideas here are relevant now, and going forward as we move out of the Coronavirus ‘straight jacket’.

Do try to make sure you have enough light on the subject, artificial light is better than no light. Natural light is better.

Don’t shoot in dark rooms. Any video will be hard to see which means less engagement and success

With audio, don’t record in noisy areas, you’re not going to get clear enough sound. Also, do make sure you’re not too far away from the microphone.

Wind makes a mess of your audio recording so do get to a calm place to capture that sound. Turn off the Beyoncé fan!

Do a test and check out the sound quality of the recording before you move on and press the record button.

Do think about framing – head and shoulders filling frame is a good start for any message coming from you.

Do try to use a tripod as you don’t make your audience feel ill with shaky camerawork.

Do try to introduce new scenes or shots to give the film some interest and helps tell the story you want to say. Also, try to shoot plenty of supporting shots or cut aways to give yourself the chance to cover any edits you might want to make.

Vertical vs Traditional landscape video is a constant question that comes up. Which one do I use? It’s always best to use landscape as it works on all platforms and gives you the option to cut with other footage you might have. However, if you are sharing direct and only to social channels, vertical video is the preferred option.

Do give it a go and have fun.