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A journey to brilliant
customer service...

Comcast Corporation is one of the USA’s largest video, high-speed internet and phone providers. Their products and services entertain millions of people but after disappointing feedback they knew they urgently needed to reboot the customer experience.

They’ve invested heavily over the last few years and have created some outstanding and innovative new products and services. But products are only ever part of any story.  To transform customer service, Comcast knew they had to empower their people, boost morale and create a culture where every single employee could deliver an unbeatable customer experience.

First step: know where you want to go

Comcast’s West Division asked Home to help. Together, we realised we had to take a step back, employees needed to understand what outstanding customer service could look like and how this differed to what they were currently doing. We then had to make every employee believe they had the power to make this shift happen.

Our approach was engaging, memorable and simple.

We created a series of four interactive customer journey maps. Our aim was to help employees see things from a customer’s perspective, think about how their actions could make each step of the journey better, and understand the existing and innovative new tools available to help them deliver outstanding customer service.

The maps are not static pictures but living and growing tools that can easily be updated as Comcast continues to improve and innovate.

Always put your people in the driving seat

Many of Comcast’s employees are digital natives, so we created a mobile-friendly online version of the maps, with an immersive quiz to help people test and build ther knowledge. The analytics provided are used to promote updates and address gaps in understanding. The maps highlight just how serious West Division is about customer service, which helps boost trust and pride too.

And remember – it’s a journey, not a race

It is too early to see the true impact of the tool, but meaningful conversations about customer service have started, helping people start to think and do things differently in their day to day jobs. Now it’s about maintaining momentum, empowering employees to make a difference at every part of the journey.

“The best part about working with Home is accessing the incredible creativity of their team.
They consistently offer exciting solutions that help improve employee engagement, and their ability to respond quickly in fast-moving situations is crucial to meeting and exceeding our communications and business goals.”

Jenny Titus, Director of Employee Communications – Comcast West Division
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