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The Humanisation of Work

Work isn’t working - it doesn’t have to be that way.

In 2023, over 4,000 people from 53 countries helped us create a new global benchmark of employee experience. Their message was clear. We’ve got work to do.

So, we’re back - to build the business case for a more human approach to work. We want to hear from working people about how major life events are impacted by work. How are the best leaders and employers showing up when it really matters?

This is The Work Project.

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In 2023 you told us...

A healthy culture in a workplace nearly doubles the chance you are having more good days at work.
of people know how the work they do contributes to the goals and success of their employer.
Less than half of people believe their senior leaders are transparent. When they do, 80% are having more good days at work.

The Work Project 2024

This year our global research is going deeper – exploring the intersection between life and work, and how the best employers and leaders show up when it really matters. And what the consequences are when we feel more like a cog in a machine than a valued individual.

A healthy culture according to Home

We know there are consistent employee experiences which drive healthy cultures. Our culture model focuses on the six fundamental ‘culture levers’.

Any company can join The Work Project and use our core questions to asses and benchmark their overall employee experience across the six areas.

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