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With the introduction of competition within their market place, Royal Mail felt it was important to gain the edge over its new competitors. Home’s brief was to help Royal Mail create that edge.



Home’s methodology for the campaign was simple; create a campaign that rewarded employees in return for SME and other business sales leads. By creating a simple and rewarding way to capture new sales leads, everyone was going to win. Working closely with Royal Mail’s communications team, a new initiative was devised. One that made all employees ambassadors for the business by spotting possible sales leads. By using Royal Mail’s biggest advantage – its network of over 100,000 frontline staff – they could have 100,000 possible new sales in every corner of the British Isles overnight.

Colleagues, when out and about on their daily walks, were asked to spot opportunities (competitors delivering/collecting) and then feed these leads to the sales force, who then followed them up. The outcome of the sales call would then be fed back to the lead generator and, if it was successful, the generator would be incentivised for their contribution. This whole method would drive engagement with the business.

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Our solution

Home devised and created all the original campaign branding and launch materials for the new lead generation scheme we called ‘Watch&Win’. The scheme offers rewards to colleagues who spot and report leads that generate more than £500 in new revenue from SMEs and other businesses. Employees accumulate reward points for the leads they generate. These points can be exchanged for experiences that cater to a wide audience, ranging from racing car track days, spa treatments or even flying lessons.

By 2012, the campaign had created new revenue upwards of



Our solution

The campaign branding was prominent and distinctive across all campaign communications. Branded discussion aids for line managers were used during internal sessions to help deliver a consistent message and clear communication. Home distilled the business strategy into a visual thinking map to explain why Royal Mail was launching the scheme, the challenges they were facing as a business and how every employee could help. This map was then developed into a full communication campaign including line manager toolkits, intranet adverts, email updates, posters, z-card reminders and feedback questionnaires.

The ideas created and brought to life by Home have been instrumental in the success of the Watch&Win programme over the past 18 months.

When Watch&Win launched in 2006, the amount of leads generated was over



When Watch&Win launched in 2006, it generated over 14,000 leads (an increase of 230% on the previous year’s activity) and delivered an ROI of 100:1.

By 2012, the campaign had created upwards of £445 million new revenue for Royal Mail.


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Agency of the Year 2012

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