We’ve won!

Celebrations all round at Unicorn Business Park as we picked up our latest award for changing employees’ lives.

We are so excited to announce that our client, Edwards Vacuum Technique, and Home were awarded silver for ‘Best employer brand from the engineering & manufacturing sector’ at the Employer Brand Management Awards in London.

Employer Brand Management Awards

The silver-winning project – ‘People Like Us ’ – tackled the challenges of a business restructure. The organisation shook off their top-down, hierarchical approach and threw open the doors to their 7,200 global employees to work more collaboratively, break down silos and empower decision-making.

We worked with Edwards Vacuum Technique on desktop research, focus groups, and insight conversations to make sure we truly understood their culture, their challenges, and their aspirations. We wanted ‘People Like Us’ to look and feel different, with a bold creative that challenged the traditional corporate approach. We delivered the programme through a people-based cascade using straightforward language that put the people front and centre — making them the hero of our story. We recruited over 100 ambassadors who embodied the core behaviours and trained them to take the message across the business.

Since its launch, ‘People Like Us’ has gone from strength to strength. Our client, Gemma Parkhouse, Global Marketing & Communications Manager, summed it up perfectly:

“This award means so much to us! People Like Us is truly making a difference here and I’m extremely grateful to the Home team for their creativity, expertise and straight talking approach!
The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Results have been instant and we’ve engaged each area of our business. We have been working with Home for two years now and have been consistently impressed with the team.”


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