The new year often feels like a fresh start, and the perfect opportunity to go after those big ambitions.

So, if your resolution for 2024 is to create a great employee experience, here are four ideas to get you started… and some tips to make sure your resolution sticks.

Listen with the right intent

By listening to people’s aspirations for the future, we can design the most impactful and authentic employee experiences. The type that keeps people coming back day-after-day, doing their best work.

But it’s important we listen with the right intent. The intent to act on the things we hear.

Simply listening more won’t make things better. In fact, it often leads to frustration. We have run many focus groups where attendees say things like ‘I’ve said all this before. What’s going to be different this time?”

So, before you embark on any listening activity, be clear on your intent to act:

Are you listening for insight – to better understand our audiences, their opinions on the current experience and aspirations for the future?

Are you listening to involve – including people in decision-making, keeping them informed and seeking their view on changes that directly impact them?

Or are you listening to innovate – proactively looking for feedback to generate new ideas and better ways of working – for people, and the business?

Make the workplace, worth the commute

It’s no secret that hybrid working is here to stay. And whilst there are plenty of benefits of working from home (well, hello there work-life balance!), we also have an opportunity to rethink how we use the workplace to give us something we all need – connection.

Because with more and more organisations asking (or even mandating) for people to return to the office, let’s make the commute worthwhile by creating experiences that can only happen in the workplace.

Think team meetings, leadership interactions, growth opportunities. The types of activities that bring people together, create a sense of fulfilment, a better understanding of the business and enable people to be productive.

By changing how we think about the workplace, we can make it a place where more people want to be – and a place that drives better business outcomes – rather than a place people have been told they have to be. 

Prioritise wellbeing

We all deserve to have employee experiences that are positive. Ones that make us feel energised, where we can flourish and feel good about ourselves. Because when we feel good, we’re able to be our best selves and do our best work. When we don’t, we just can’t.

So, let’s adopt a holistic approach to wellbeing, focusing not only on physical health but also on mental, emotional, and financial wellbeing.

This well-rounded approach to wellbeing recognises the complex and varied challenges people can face during their lifetime, and can equip them with the tools, knowledge and support to navigate them.

Our problems and worries don’t disappear when we start work. This support not only benefits an individual, but it also benefits the business too – reducing burnout and absence, increasing retention, and boosting productivity.

And how do we create a holistic approach to wellbeing… by listening to people for insight, to involve them and to innovate with them. What does wellbeing mean to them?

Create the leaders of the future

We keep saying everything is different, but why do we keep trying to lead people in the same way?

Our expectations of leaders are completely different to what they used to be. Culture is now one of the biggest leadership priorities. So, maybe it’s time we changed how we develop our leaders, so they always have a positive impact and show up in the right ways.

Let’s rethink leadership development, balancing theory with real-world and immersive experiences to focus on the things that will have the biggest impact on people, culture and the organisation. Human leadership.

Get a head start in 2024

Whatever your resolution for employee experience in 2024, here are a few simple steps to make it stick:

  1. Dream BIG
    Because why not?! Big dreams are compelling. Something to aim for. A vision for a future we want to be a part of.
  2. Make a plan
    Now take the big dream and break it into small, manageable chunks. Think of it as the who, what, where, when and how to achieve your vision. Having a plan written down can help you stick to a goal… it also feels great crossing items off once they’re complete!
  3. Get support
    Having a robust support system can help you stay accountable and motivated. At Home, we believe in career-defining relationships… because we want to see you succeed. So, if you’re looking for advice, strategic development or a fresh creative approach, we’re just the team you’re looking for.


We’re offering free inspiration sessions to get you in the right headspace for a successful year. Here’s the link to find a time that works for you and your team: