Creativity isn’t just for designers. Turns out we can all live creatively, every day.

It’s no secret that us Homies enjoy living creative lives. Home is famed for creative thinking – and a belief in the power of creativity. In fact, we’re often finding opportunities to infuse our creativity into the day-to-day. This year, to celebrate #LiveCreativeDay, we asked our Homies how exactly they embrace creativity outside of the office – and it’s safe to say we’ve got a variety of skillsets and hidden talents! 

Here’s what they had to say…


Tony: Making Artists Bookworks

“It was a friend who first introduced me to Stroud Artists Books, a small collective of around 20-25 artists. She thought it would combine several of my interests together. She was right! We meet every month and respond to a theme. As soon as I started attending the meetings I was hooked. Not just because it enhanced my practice but the genuine constructive criticism and exchange of ideas was unlike anything I had experienced before.

The biggest thrill is making the form of my book/artwork not only contain but enhance the chosen theme. There are so many various way of binding books, experimenting until I find the perfect fit with my idea is a great and calming source of pleasure. The other bonus is keeping my hand skills alive. There is something almost mediative about working with a pile of card, paper, thread and book-cloth, to create a finished book.”

Emma: Illustration

“Illustration is my favourite way to show my flexibility. Before, I would draw all over my notebooks. Often observational, something I had seen in person or a phrase that I could picture illustrated in my head. One day I decided to start drawing them digitally and I created an Instagram account as a way of sharing them with friends. I’m still figuring out my ‘style’ and it’s constantly evolving but I keep a little sketchbook full of sketches and strange ideas to draw whenever I get the chance.

It’s a nice way to switch off from my day. It’s something that’s my own, mine to decide when it’s finished and if I want to share them with anybody. The fact that somebody has something I’ve drawn, on their wall blows my mind!”


Fi: Choral music

“I’ve been singing in choirs since I was tiny. My big sister sings too – so as is often the way when you’re the younger sibling, you go along for the ride. Turns out I was actually quite good at it too, and I’m still going now. Classical music can get a bad rep – sometimes people think it’s rigid and mathematical, but the truth is it’s what you make it. It’s all in the nuances, the dynamics, the performance. And that’s where creativity comes into it.

I’m really lucky to sing with a chamber choir here in Bristol called Exultate Singers. They are a wonderful bunch of smart, funny, warm people who all share a love for choral music. We are constantly pushing ourselves by learning new repertoire and singing in every language under the sun. Our Christmas concerts are a particular highlight, so I can’t wait to get back to those this year. See you there?”


Luke: Learning 3D (blender)

“As creatives we can conjure up new ideas in our heads, but that’s the problem… And being a dyslexic person, it’s hard to sometimes articulate what you’re thinking. I was looking for an outlet, and found 3D.

3D software has allowed me to visualise my creative thinking and bring people into my world to tell stories, convey emotions or simple ideas. Doing this is a way of expression myself, understanding where my head is at and allow myself to break free from the real world – it’s my place to be undeniably me.”

Scarlet: Writing poetry

“I’ve always enjoyed reading, and in particular reading poetry. It’s something I lost touch with as I grew older, but lockdown gave me lots of free time to rediscover my passion and it felt like the natural next step to then give it a go myself.

As designers we spend all day looking at visual things and filling our minds with images, so for me I love the shift in mindset to then switch my thoughts to words and try to express emotions and stories in a different creative way. 


Carol: Cooking, songwriting and singing

“I have always tried to live my life creatively, not in a forced or unnatural way, but to try and approach things I do from a creative standpoint. I enjoy experimenting with cooking. Whether it’s taste sensations, or novel ways to cook or prepare things. I also love trying to recreate things I have enjoyed when I have travelled, often making up whole new recipes.

In June I started a year-long song-writing course, which has captivated me and filled my every-waking moment. I love music. It is a huge part of my life and had never ever written a song in my 65 years on earth, and I have thrown myself into this, and already in 3 months written some bangers. Then there is Doreen Doreen – my band that has run parallel with my business since 1982. I started song writing between I’d sung other people tunes for almost 40years and I was curious as to if I could do it myself. Doreen Doreen brings so much joy to so many people up and down the country, but particularly here in Bristol. The feeling of performing in front of so many is totally addictive and it’s amazing to brighten people’s lives with our music.”