You want a good fit; whether you’re looking for your new jeans, finding your new home, or on the prowl for your new partner.

The hunt begins with a need, and often a need comes when you can’t ignore it. Like pulling on your favourite jeans one too many times, to realise you’ve ripped a big hole in the crotch. Or, if you’re in communications, taking on a massive project with an imminent deadline without the right support in place to make sure it’s unforgettable (for all the right reasons, of course).

For the jeans, you jump online and the problem is usually quite easily fixed. You may also jump online to find your communication BFF or partner. But before you do, you create a wish list, aka, the brief as well as the unwritten brief you have in your head – the compatibility test.

You go on the hunt. You’re looking for an agency that cannot only do-the-do, but also gets and complements you. You’ll be spending a lot of time together after all. You cast the net far and wide, talking to people you wouldn’t normally talk to – you’re looking for something different than you’ve had before.

You’ve had replies and you get a feel for what they’re like on paper. But it’s hard to get a sense on the unwritten brief, the compatibility test. This usually takes centre stage at the pitch, the face-to-face, the first date. This is the true test – you meet in your nice clothes and you’re both eager to see how far this thing can go…

At Home we pride ourselves on our relationships, those we’ve kept and those we’ve walked away from. The stickiest relationships take time to build, every worthwhile relationship gets tested now and then.

So, let’s tackle this a little differently by using our compatibility test – to see if you and Home have what it takes to go the distance:


Do you want a partner that challenges you?

Yes / No

Do you want someone to be with you all the way, working as part of your team?

Yes / No

Do you need someone to have your back in those tricky moments?

Yes / No

To go above and beyond?

Yes / No


If you answered yes to all of these questions then we just might be the perfect match! We’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch to arrange our first ever face-to-face – let’s figure out if the chemistry is there.