As the industry gets its head around enforced remote working, and not being able to send crews out, we need to be flexible and shout about other options to get our messages across.  Don’t forget you all have great stories to tell. So, let’s hear them.

And you’ll be glad to know we don’t need to look that far to be able to do this. As always good design, illustration, animation and stock-footage are our visual apparatus to help tell stories. Here are my tips for a creating great digital and filmic content, that still packs a punch, in lockdown.

Right at the top is use your smart phone to create content. It’s simple, authentic and easy to do. You may already be filming with your smart phone for your own social media, just change your subject matter for your audience. And even work with colleagues and partners and get them to capture content.

You can capture daily or weekly roundup videos with your teams. If you’re a people manager you can talk about the new jobs you are recruiting for, or you can talk to your global teams about the challenges and what solutions are being implemented. Also, updating your clients in a fun and breezy way with what you are up to is a great way to keep relationships strong.

It may look a bit different to the normal production quality you’re used to, but remember your video editors (like Home) can help by with a professional edit that can add branding and graphics just to give that footage a little polish.

Look at this great little film by KLM showing how they are working at the start of the virus. They responded quickly to the new situation and give real solutions for their customers.



Another option is to reversion or recycle  content you already have.  You will have had past campaigns and films that you have released. And you probably will have lots of extra video footage from those films as well as clips of your team that has been collected over the last 12 months.  You need to think about what you want to say.  But with a fresh music track and voice over you can create a brand-new film with this content. It will be relatively cheap to make, yet feel you’ve kept true to your brand.

Using stock footage is another good way to tell stories. Over the last few years there have been a lot of new libraries springing up with great quality editorial stock footage available. Again, with some creative direction, music and voice over, a new engaging piece is within reach from our homes.

We often use animation to tell powerful stories and there’s no better time to turn to this craft to get messages across. Take a look at our  animation showreel  to see the breadth of design and animation we have on offer.



In these strange times, we need be connecting people with stories and authentic voices that can inspire and engage in whatever way we see fit.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a recent visual treat from a company who is all about travel. This film shows what filmmakers can do in their own home. Uber partnered with Wieden+Kennedy and PRETTYBIRD and connected with camera people and directors’  friends from all around the world. The idea was to say thank you for not riding and exploring the amazing moments that people have in their homes. I think you’ll agree it’s amazing what we can all do in the new world.



Give me a shout to see how we can help you at Home.