Everyone hopes to have a healthy portion of fun at work, alongside the inevitable grind. Some even hope to have an impact, and most of us strive to find purpose and meaning. Here at Home we like to practice what we preach and do more than most to keep our people feeling good with a healthy dose of pro bono work.

We’re so lucky to work with some of the biggest and best global brands and that brings amazing opportunity and incredible impact. And it’s important to say that we do have a huge amount of fun with our clients, but since Home started back in 1981 we’ve also had a healthy number of passion projects on the books too.

Aside from the obvious feel good factor of helping charities or small businesses flourish, there’s also a whole host of other important benefits.

Everybody needs good neighbours

We couldn’t really be called Home if we didn’t care about our neighbours too and we’ve always supported charities close to Home. We’re a Bristol agency and we care about extending our good fortune to those around us. Most recently we’ve been helping bring the first surfing lake to Bristol with The Wave and helped Colston Hall celebrate their 150th year anniversary.


We’ve got them, and we know the impact great design, strategy and planning can have. We like to extend those finely-honed skills to others who deserve them the most; whether that’s developing a strategy map for the RNLI or helping Cancer Research UK beat cancer’s ass, we know how invaluable our skills can be to people trying hard to literally save lives.


We’re a diversity and inclusion employer, it’s important we don’t exclude who we work with on the basis of budget. And our work with the big boys means that we can help out the little guy sometimes.

It’s good fun

We bloody love it. We get to stretch our creative muscles, play with new brands and push things in directions we’re less likely to be able to do in our corporate work. It’s just great fun, and if you’re saving lives at the same time then that’s just the cherry on top of the cake!

It’s true what they say, a little bit of what you fancy does you good. And we know our pro bono work isn’t totally selfless because it gives us something money just can’t buy. It makes us feel great. We’re super proud of it, and long may it continue!