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Crews Control is in the business of crews. Whether you’re shooting a training video in Tokyo, a feature film in Chicago, B-roll in Paris or a corporate in London, they have the right people for the job, every time, any place. With one single point of contact to access a global collection of the best film folk in the business, they make it easy to find and work with the very best creative talent – whatever your film and video crewing needs, they make it happen.

We love working with Crews Control for our own award-winning films, so we were thrilled when founder and CEO Andrea Keating got in touch about a brand refresh. After 30 successful years, she felt it was time to look at the brand with fresh eyes, making sure it was working as hard as possible to help Crews Control to continue to stand out. External work isn’t usually our bag, but when a dear friend and collaborator like Andrea comes calling we aren’t going to say no! It was time for a little bit of movie magic in the Home studio.

What’s my motivation?

As with all our work, Crews Control’s employees were the starting point (and how great to get the chance to apply our ‘from the inside out’ principles to an external branding piece). We developed a detailed picture of their values, their work and their passions. We used that to decide what should be reflected in the brand to clearly show what they do and what they stand for, while bringing in the breadth and energy of their work. It was a brilliant chance to bring Crews Control’s spirit to the fore. They’re a creative, energetic and fun bunch of people, but the existing brand didn’t really reflect that, or their hyper-efficient brilliance.

Andrea had some initial nervousness about making a big change – after all, the brand had served them well for 30 years. But because our research was so strongly rooted in Crews Control’s personality and people, she agreed that a bold step forward would increase their appeal, showing that they are far, far more than a crew database and really underlining the hyper-talented, hyper-friendly Crews Control difference.

Hurrah for a brave client – we ripped up the rule book and took a completely different approach.

Lights, camera, action!

Just as Crews Control will stop at nothing to get the perfect shot, we went to town with bold, playful colours and a dynamic new logo. We tried to embrace the idea that a crew-member’s world is always moving – they have to react to any kind of brief clients throw at them, so we used the viewfinder device to bring focus, while the dynamic, playful new brand celebrates their diversity, personalities and talents.

Crews Control teams are known for pulling it out of the bag, no matter what the budget or timescales, and we used this positive, can-do attitude like a badge of honour to create a confident, bold tone and an energetic, vibrant colour palette to really celebrate their hands-on, practical mindset.

“I asked Home to revitalise our brand to celebrate 30 years in business. I was nervous about doing away with our existing logo, which has served us so well, but I was blown away by their creative. Home absolutely nailed it. The new brand is vibrant and genuinely reflects our personality and energy. It’s also adaptable, so will help us highlight some new lines of business we’re exploring. It helps transition Crews Control from a service company to an agency – and that’s really exciting.

The feedback from existing clients has been overwhelming, and it’s brilliant that new clients already have a feel for the Crews Control experience before they even pick up the phone. Here’s to the next 30 years!”

Andrea Keating, Founder & CEO, Crews Control
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